Estate Planning

Areas Of Practice

Estate Planning is the process of planning for the efficient disposal of a decedent's assets after his or her death. It involves eliminating uncertainties relating to the administration of an individual's estate and maximizing the assets, which pass to his or her beneficiaries by reducing taxes and other expenses. Estate Planning involves implementing a will, one or more trusts, powers of attorney, re-titling of assets and much more. We at Caribbean Law Group will determine your goals and objectives and then walk you through this complicated process by informing you of all of your available options in an easy to understand manner. We will assist you in structuring your financial and business affairs in a manner that is most cost effective and tax efficient.

Probate And Trust

Probate is the legal process of administering assets held in a decedent's individual name, which do not pass by process of law or beneficiary designation. It involves determining what the decedent owned at the time of his or her death, resolving the interests of all those who have claims against the estate and concludes by distributing the remaining assets of the estate to the proper beneficiaries. Some of the technical aspects involved in probate administration deal with appointing one or more personal representatives of an estate, filing documentation with the court including an asset inventory for the estate, notifying creditors of their legal rights and satisfying claims made against an estate, dealing with exempt personal and real property, selling and transferring assets, filing income and estate tax returns and more. The Caribbean Law Group provides the professional guidance needed for personal representatives to fulfill their legal duties and obligations to a decedent's estate. Our lawyers will guide the personal representatives through this difficult process and resolve any issues that come up along the way. Trust administration involves the overseeing of assets held within a trust established by a grantor during his or her lifetime or upon death. In addition to managing the trust property for the benefit of the beneficiaries in a manner consistent with the trust terms, the trustee has a number of fiduciary duties and responsibilities, which he or she is responsible for carrying out.

The Caribbean Law Group will assist trustees to deal with the complexities of trust administration to ensure that everything is handled properly.