Business Start-Ups

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Trying to get your business off the ground can be hard enough, and trying to decipher what laws you must comply with and how to comply with them can add unneeded frustration to the process. The attorneys at the Caribbean Law Group are experienced in dealing with start-up businesses. They can advise you of what laws pertain to your business and what you must do to comply with them.

An effective business plan will help to protect a business from many legal problems. When starting your own business, the business plan should address the adequacy of capitalization, the amount of cash and assets invested to start and operate the business. To minimize the legal risks created by improperly funding the company or misrepresenting facts to investors.

The plan should describe the duties and responsibilities necessary to achieve business success, and should carefully assess staff hiring.

The business plan should address the intellectual property ("IP") risks impacting the business. Some steps to minimize those risks and maximize IP value include:

The owner should carefully assess the choice of entity he will use when forming the business. Options include a sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporations among others. The entity selected will depend upon business goals, the number of owners, and the owners' role within the company.