Arbitration & Mediation

Areas Of Practice

The Arbitration and Mediation Team at the Caribbean Law Group offers effective solutions to our clients to help solve disputes. We recognize that litigation can be the last resort for clients, and we therefore advise our clients on alternative means of dispute resolutions, such as arbitrations and mediations.

Arbitration is a voluntary process in which the parties agree to submit part or their entire dispute to a decision maker known as an Arbitrator. The parties and the Arbitrator control the issues submitted, the manner in which the arbitration will be conducted, and declare whether the decision will be binding and final, or non-binding. Normally the arbitration process is less formal and more expeditious than a hearing or trial in a courtroom.

Arbitration is a great courtroom alternative for those litigants who are unable to resolve their cases in mediation. It provides litigants with an opportunity for an expedited hearing before an arbitrator who has substantial expertise and who is willing to set aside the time necessary to hear the evidence and to decide the disputed issues of the case.

Mediation is a formal effort to aid the parties to find a settlement of their dispute. A third, neutral party, called a Mediator, conducts one or more conferences to identify the issues and positions of the parties and to aid the parties in discovering the middle ground or viable settlement solutions. The Mediator does not make any decision for the parties. Generally, the entire mediation process is held confidentially, and no part of the process or anything discussed during it can be used by or against any party if the efforts are unsuccessful and a trial is held.